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What our customers are saying

Hi Stephen , hope all is well with you and family .I want to thank you for all the work you did for me, it's been a pleasure working with you.

I always get great feedback from my clients about your work.

All this year you have done lots of work for me and you always stand behind your work. Very professional. On time , clean , and honest man .

I'll recommend you absolutely to friend's, family and other builders.

Congratulations on starting your website

Take good care


What our customers are saying

I met Stephen Daubeny of SMC Masonry through Facebook and was looking for someone to fix my chimneys and fireplace. Stephen came to my home and after examining he explained what the damage to my chimneys was and how it happened. He then outlined a repair plan.

He was punctual and on time and respectful to my family. We can now safely enjoy our fireplace.

Thank you so much Stephen for your hard work. 

B. Dolatshah,  Whitby

What our customers are saying

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